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Plaspertex Ancillary Items

Red denotes solvent borne*
Blue denotes water borne*


Fungicidal wash

Hypochlorite based cleaning solution for masonry, roofs and concrete surfaces. Combined with power washing, helps to remove dirt, staining, fungal growth, moss, lichens and algae from masonry.


Multi purpose bonding agent and adhesive.

SBR Bonding admixture

Water-proof, flexible additive for cement mixes. When used with appropriate cement based mixes provided flexibility, improved adhesion and excellent water resistance.

Skim-coat Plus

Plaspertex Paint Company Ltd.

Cement based fairing coat for walls. Applied up to 3mm thickness, ideal for levelling uneven surfaces and minor imperfections in concrete and masonry surfaces.

Epoxy filler

Two part epoxy crack filler. Provides superb adhesion, rapid strength development and excellent chemical resistance.

Slip resistant additive

Polymer bead additive for addition to Blockseal and Stoneseal

D40 solvent

Low odour white spirit. Used for thinning appropriate coatings and for cleaning equipment.


Cleaning solvent for Blockseal/stoneseal

*Material safety data sheets supplied on request, contact Plaspertex

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