Plaspertex Paint Company Ltd.

Plaspertex Roof Coatings

A range of coatings for both flat and pitched roofs including roof tile paints for the renovation of concrete roof tiles.

Red denotes solvent borne*
Blue denotes water borne*

Flexible roofing compound for flat and pitched roofs. Based on a flexible vinyl terpolymer

Plashield E

Elastomeric highly flexible coating for roof tiles and mineral roof sheeting. Based on a pure acrylic copolymer, Plashield E remains flexible even at sub-zero temperatures.


Elastomeric highly flexible and water resistant roofing compound for application onto flat and pitched roofs. Retains crack bridging properties even at low temperatures.


High build acrylic fibre reinforced roofing compound for flat and pitched roofs

Plaspertex Paint Company Ltd.

Quick drying spirit based solar reflective coating especially suited for application onto asphalt surfaces. Maintains a lower roof temperature by reducing solar gain.

Roof Tile Paint S/B

Coating for concrete and mineral based roof tiles and sheeting. Suitable for application during periods of the year when the use of water borne coatings is problematic

*Material safety data sheets supplied on request, contact Plaspertex

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